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Jane Winkelman

June 10, 2010

I have temporarily run out of photos of Herbert Freeman’s artwork.   It may be some time before I am able to post some more. Rather than put this blog on hiatus I have decided to head each post with the work of another of Orlando’s best folk artists: Morgan Steele.  I will post Mr. Freeman’s work when it again becomes available.    

Rat by Morgan Steele


San Francisco artist Jane “in Vain” Winkleman began painting at a free community arts program offered by the  Hospitality House an organization which serves the poor and homeless.  Her paintings are social commentaries on such subjects as homelessness, corporate greed, global warming, alienation, and pop celebrity.

   Her work is featured in museums and private collections throughout the United States. 

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  1. Jane winkelman permalink
    June 12, 2010 1:31 pm

    Very much liking how my art works look on your blog,and glad that you liked them,too to put up on your blog! And trying to help homeless folk artists is a worthy endeavor because it seems the most truly loved “outsiderish” marginalized folk art works that get significant “reward” go for those already departed, unfortunate for those still alive struggling to get seen, survive in these brutal “competitive” times!

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