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Troy Gaylon Phillips

June 21, 2011

Bishop by Herbert Freeman

All I know about Troy Gaylon Phillips is what was printed in two lines in the November 2010 Slotin Folk Art  Auction Catalog (pdf document).

Troy Gaylon Phillips 1943-1995, Memphis, TN. All of these works were discovered after Phillips’ death, discarded on the sidewalk outside his home.”

I have looked in vain for more information or a photo of Mr. Phillips.  I hope there were a lot more of these paintings in that trash pile and they were all saved from the dump.  I want to see more of these crazy ass pictures!

Cat Over Alien Crowd - 10/1/85

Mystery World - 1/85

Voyager 2 - 9/10/89

Catman In Space - 6/20/85

Spirit - 7/1/85

Man In Grey Suit - 1/85

Space Cats - 6/9/85

Sedition - 2/20/85

Messenger - 1/18/85

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  1. Linda Akin permalink
    March 14, 2014 4:40 pm

    My son bought the house that Gaylon Troy Phillips grew up in. We sold a few at a yard sale but put some on the curb. He was also my hairstylist in the mid 1960. We still correspond with his brother.

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