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Alexander Pavlovich Lobanov

September 7, 2010

Rebecca by Herbert Freeman

The facts that I can find about Lobanov’s life are spare and conflicting, but here are the essentials that the various accounts agree on.   Alexander Pavlovich Lobanov (1924-2003) was born in Molonga, Russia –  a town which no longer exists.  When Lobanov was a young child he contracted meningitis and as a result lost his hearing and became mute.  Lobanov did have access to specialized schooling but soon lost that either because of the advent of World War II, or the fact the the family was forced to leave their hometown in 1939 to make way for the construction of the Rybinsk Reservoir.  Lobanov’s father died in 1945.  Lobanov behavior was disruptive and aggressive and his family had him admitted to a mental asylum.  He remained institutionalized for the rest of his life.

While in his 30’s Lobanov began to try his hand at art.  His pictures are are filled with guns, hunting scenes and soviet iconography.  In the 1970’s he became passionate about photography.  He would stage self-portraits of himself holding guns which he would fashion from card stock paper.

There is a video about Lobanov at the bottom of this post.   The narration is in French but can be enjoyed by non-French speakers as a slide show of Lobanov’s work.

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