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Dance Crowkiller

August 26, 2010

Woman in a Fedora by Herbert Freeman

I have known about the photo below of Dance Crowkiller for many months now.  I discovered it in a blog post by Vancouver artist Laura Bucci.  Ever since then I have been hoping to find more photographs of Mr. Crowkiller’s carvings.  Either there are no other photos of his work on the internet or my google-fu is lacking.  I have found several testimonials as to the quality of his work.

Dance Crowkiller is of the First People and has been living the life of an urban homeless artist.  He is a carver who creates pieces based on his native heritage.  He is the subject of the documentary The Purpose of Life is Rice…Wink and was also featured in the CBC documentary The Devil Plays Hardball a film about trying to help the homeless in Vancouver through mentoring.

If there is anyone in Vancouver who knows Mr. Crowkiller and is captured by his artwork I would call upon you to start documenting the work and posting the photographs.  If this man’s work is worthy do not let it get lost.

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