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Jessie Dunahoo

August 20, 2010

Barbara by Herbert Freeman

Jesse Dunahoo is an installation artist who creates functional environments using fabrics and plastic shopping bags that are stitched and knotted together.  Mr. Dunahoo who is in his late seventies was born deaf and with limited vision in rural Lee County, Kentucky.  He later completely lost his eyesight while still a child.

Growing up on a country farm Jesse Dunahoo would create pathways for himself by moving earth and brush and then knotting and hanging a webwork of string, rope and wires through the trees and bushes from which he could reach up and use to navigate his space.  He would hang markers such as pie plates to signify locations.

Today he stitches together fabric scraps or plastic bags to create spaces and functional objects such as tents, rain suits,  or sleeping areas.  In his own quarters in his assisted living group home he has eschewed chests of drawers and instead has created hangings of plastic bags with open pockets in which he keeps his belongings.

Mr. Dunahoo works at his art in his studio at the Latitude Artist Community in Lexington, Kentucky.

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  1. September 20, 2011 5:47 pm

    He really inspired me…great personality…..

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