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Vision with an Apple

January 13, 2010
The Apple Tree


I saw the archangels in my apple-tree last night, 
I saw them like great birds in the starlight— 
Purple and burning blue, crimson and shining white. 
And each to each they tossed an apple to and fro, 
And once I heard their laughter gay and low;        
And yet I felt no wonder that it should be so. 
But when the apple came one time to Michael’s lap 
I heard him say: “The mysteries that enwrap 
The earth and fill the heavens can be read here, mayhap.” 
Then Gabriel spoke: “I praise the deed, the hidden thing.”        
“The beauty of the blossom of the spring 
I praise,” cried Raphael. Uriel: “The wise leaves I sing.” 
And Michael: “I will praise the fruit, perfected, round, 
Full of the love of God, herein being bound 
His mercies gathered from the sun and rain and ground.”        
So sang they till a small wind through the branches stirred, 
And spoke of coming dawn; and at its word 
Each fled away to heaven, winged like a bird.  
-Nancy Campbell

Vision with an Apple

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