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Meeting Herbert Freeman

October 2, 2009

When you live Downtown and you own a dog you get to go on frequent walks and meet all kinds of people.  One such person is Herbert Freeman.  My dog Lily and I had walked only a few yards from our building when I spied an older man chatting up some young men outside The Clubhouse.  Under his arm he was carrying some fascinating pictures excecuted on construction scrap.

Lily and I walked past but I was burning to get a better look at those pictures.  As luck would have it the man walked past us only a moment later.  As he was passing I asked if I could see the artwork.  He stopped and gladly showed them to me.  One was a portrait of an African-American man wearing what appeared to be some sort of chainmail hood and tunic.  This was drawn on a broken piece of drywall.  The other two were variations of a design he called Vision.  One of the Visions was complete while the other was only half started.  These were on ripped pieces of masonite.

He told me his name was Herbert Freeman and that he had been away for awhile but now he was back.  He told me that his pictures were popular and he named some businesses and people who have bought his art.  It turned out that we had a mutual friend in Swamburger who I had just met a few weeks earlier.

I bought two of the pictures and looked foward to meeting Mr. Freeman again.

Sir Charles (December 2008)

Sir Charles (December 2008) by Herbert Freeman

Vision (December 2008)

Vision (December 2008) by Herbert Freeman

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